The top servicers in our industry are subject to the highest levels of government and public scrutiny which in turn exposes them to higher penalties and compensatory fines. For large servicers, ELMS provides a wide range of options including:

  • Project Management – ELMS offers project leaders that are subject matter experts to support your business challenges. ELMS’ highly experienced project leaders assist the direct business lines or work alongside the client’s project management team to achieve the goals of all stakeholders. We provide expert project management and consultation services.
  • Business Process Analysis – Due to the sheer size of the large servicers, the benefits from reducing risk or increasing efficiency can be substantial. To increase their effectiveness, ELMS’ mortgage servicing experts and business analysts partner together to create a team of professionals who work to bring your company the best results.
  • Audit Preparedness – ELMS’ team of experts will facilitate the audit preparedness process by reviewing existing policies and procedures, ensuring that each department is prepared for third party reviews and helping your company meet critical deadlines.