We provide our clients with a broad range of world-class subject matter expertise in the areas of Foreclosure Claims Management, Credit Risk Solutions, Due Diligence and Technology Solutions and Consulting and Training Services. Our extensive expertise and knowledge base in the Financial Industry allows us to offer a flexible variety of options designed to match the diverse needs of our clients. Our goal is to provide a set of personalized, professional, and value-adding services tailored to the specific needs of each individual client.

End to End Default Claims Management

ELMS has the ability to service your FHA Post-Sale portfolio in any phase of the Lifecycle.
• FHA Part A, Part B, Supplemental and HECM Reverse Claims
• HUD SLFS Claims (Single Family Loan Sale Program)
• FHA Loss Mitigation Claims (i.e. FHA HAMP, Partial Claims, PFS/SS, Loss Mit Incentive Claims, etc.)

We provide cutting edge, end-to-end solutions for all post-sale claim-related functions. These include:
• Conventional – FNMA and FHLMC Claims
• Mortgage Insurance Claims – All MI Companies
• VA NOE, Expense Reimbursement and Compromise Sale Claims
• Private Investor Claims
• Post-Sale Pre-Claim Services
• Supplemental Claims – All Types

Post-Sale Pre-Claim Services

Many of our FHA clients also utilize our services surrounding those properties that are post-sale, but are not yet ready to be conveyed or require additional effort prior to filing the Part B expense claim.

Those services include:
• Monitor/Manage the Eviction Process: ELMS will coordinate with your foreclosure attorney to order eviction proceedings and manage the eviction process through confirmed vacancy.
• Manage the Property Management Process: ELMS will coordinate with your preservation company to prepare the property for conveyance and assure the property is expeditiously placed in “Conveyance Condition.”
• Manage the Title Package Process after the Part A Claim is filed: ELMS will coordinate with your foreclosure attorney to assure the required title package is accurate and submitted to HUD in a timely manner.

Loss Analysis

ELMS will review all “EXPLANATION OF BENEFIT AND PAYMENT ADVICE LETTERS” for additional recoveries to:
• Identify responsible parties for losses and charge-offs,
• Provide recoveries through bill backs
• Deliver alternative solutions to reduce losses, increase productivity and identify process efficiencies

Pre-HUD Audits

Processing post foreclosure claims requires in depth knowledge of all agency and investor guidelines. Monetary penalties may be assessed to a servicer if a claim is filed incorrectly and the result could be very costly. By utilizing the claim services below, ELMS, as your partner, can help minimize these risks substantially.
• Pre-HUD Audits
• HUD Audit Representation
• HUD Audit Findings review, despite, response, and advice
• FHA Claim review for supplemental claim opportunities

MI Denial or Rescission Rebuttal

For those claims that the MI companies deny or the insurance policies they rescind, ELMS will research the Rescission Reason for accuracy and determine if the breach is valid by examining the loan file and all supporting documentation. ELMS will prepare a written rebuttal with supporting documentation challenging the breach when it is not valid or material and defend a rebuttal in negotiations to resolve outstanding items in order to receive claim proceeds.

Whatever your company’s claims processing needs are, ELMS can customize an outsourced solution that ensures accuracy, saves you time and reduces your cost.