ELMS offers “Made to Order” Audits

Our Due diligence team performs an in-depth analysis of each client’s needs and specific deal characteristics in order to ascertain the most beneficial results for each endeavor. Next we assign a team of experts specific to our client’s scope to complete the project. Subject matter expertise and supporting technology allow ELMS the ability to customize all reporting to meet any and all of your needs

Credit Underwrite

ELMS will perform a comprehensive re-underwrite of the loan file and thorough examination of the loan documentation for accuracy and completeness, including validation of borrower’s income, assets and credit documentation as well as collateral evaluation and confirmation of AUS data accuracy to ensure adherence to investor guidelines.

Regulatory Compliance

Keeping up to date on the ever changing compliance regulations issued by Federal, State and local entities is an unnerving chore for which harsh penalties may be inflicted for compliance errors. Our underwriters review each loan against applicable compliance regulations and send the appropriate data points through an automated compliance system for a subsequent review. You can be confident that our two-fold process will ensure all loans are totally in compliance with all applicable rules and regulations.

Data Integrity

Nothing is more essential than exact and complete data. ELMS will review all the data elements in each loan file and compare them to the information provided. Our staff will run validations to ensure the accuracy of the information and any discrepancies will be noted and reported to the client for review and correction.

Rep and Warranty Review

ELMS’ team of experts will analyze re-purchase demands or MI rescissions and offer a clear unbiased depiction of the loan. Our experts will determine validity and materiality of the allegation and provide a well-crafted rebuttal to defend the viability of the claim.

Pre and Post Funding QC

Quality control has never been more critical to helping companies discover and mitigate risk. Loans are being audited by every party who has a stake in the game. ELMS can provide you with comprehensive quality control solutions. Our QC staff will review each loan file based on the guidelines and QC standards for the appropriate loan program.